Audio Conferencing Service

Audio Conferencing Service from CP-TEL is the fully automated, secure, and cost- effective way to hold meetings.

  • No need to waste valuable time traveling to and from meetings! CP-TEL conferencing service is ideal for management meetings, client or customer communications, and project management.
  • No monthly minimum calling requirements—you pay for only the minutes that you use.
  • Set up conference calls online or call our office and we will set the call up for you.
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Pricing Chart    
$.11/minute local number dial-in access
$.15/minute toll free access

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Features of CP-TEL Audio Conferencing Service

Easy and convenient

  • 24/7 access to set up and conduct meetings
  • Reservations can be made “on the fly” or in advance via Web interface or by calling the CP-TEL office
  • Generates e-mail reminder with call-in information to participants
  • Permanent dial-in and toll free access numbers
  • Manage conference calling features by telephone or Web interface

Cost effective

  • Up to 20 phone lines per conference
  • Pay per minute used, no monthly recurring charge or minimum calling requirements
  • Direct billing to CP-TEL telephone bill


  • Pass code protected
  • Name announcement when participant enters and leaves the call
  • Records calls, including blank spaces. Recorded call is sent as a CD or as a wave file to customer
  • Participants can hold side bar conversations (sub-conferences)—talk privately and rejoin conference when ready

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