Voice Mail Instructions

Accessing Your Mailbox

1. Dial 238-4222 . Then choose one of the following three options

Press # if calling from the phone that your voice mail account is associated with, OR

No entry is required If using Auto Login and accessing from your home phone, OR

Enter your telephone number, if calling from a remote phone.

2. If requested, enter your password, followed by the # key. Your default password is four zeros (0000) until you change it.

3. Main Menu:

Press 1 to retrieve messages

Press 3 to send

Press 7 for current date and time

Press 9 for mailbox setup.

Depending upon mailbox setup, the first new message will play immediately.

Setting Up Your Mailbox

Options in Mailbox Setup Menu:

Press 1 Greeting Options (you can disregard this step if you choose to use the default greeting)

Press 2 Change Password

Press 3 Notification Options (1)

Press 4 Disable/Enable Auto Login

Press 5 Return to Main Menu

To Change or Record Your Greeting:

Press 1 Greeting Options

Press 2 Re-Record Your Greeting

Press # End Recording Function

Press 1 Listen to Greeting

To Create Multiple Greetings:

Press 5 Pick a New Greeting. Then choose a new greeting # (2-9).

Press 2 Record Greeting.

Press # End Recording Function.

Repeat steps 5 & 6, choosing a different greeting # each time.

Press 5 Pick a New Greeting.

Then choose the greeting you wish to become active.

Press * Return to Main Menu.

Retrieve Messages

Options in Message Retrieval Menu:

Press 1 New Messages

Press 2: Messages

Press * Return to Main Menu

To Listen to Messages:

Press 1 Play or re-play Message

Press 2 Save Message and Go to Next

Press 3 Delete Message and Go to Next

To Undelete Message:

Don’t hang up. Follow the voice prompts to listen to the messages. Once you have played the message you deleted.

Press 4 Save Message as New

Press 5 Reply to a Message (1)

Press 6 Forward Message (1)

Press 7 Skip Back Three Seconds

Press 8 Pause or Continue Message

Press 9 Skip Forward Three Seconds

Press * Return to Main Menu

To Change Your Password:

Press 2 Change Your Password

Enter new password, followed by the # key. The password is any series of up to 16 digits you choose. You will be unable to access your mailbox without this password, so be sure to choose one you will remember.

To verify, Enter your password, followed by the # key.

Click here for downloadable (pdf) Voice Mail instructions.


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