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On Demand Ordering Instructions

Activating Your On Demand Account
You must call CP-TEL to activate your On Demand account. Access to On Demand is free for CP-TEL Digital Television customers.

Renting an On Demand Title
Go to Settings
Press Settings on your remote to view the Options tabs at the top of your television screen.

Choose Rentals
Using the navigational arrow keys on the remote, point to Rentals on your television screen and press Select to display a menu list of categories.

Select a Title
Using the arrow keys, browse through the categories and titles. Highlight the title you want to view and press Select.

Once you have selected a title, a pop-up window will appear with the option to Rent or Cancel. Using the arrow keys on your remote, point to Rent and press Select to bring up the Rental Confirmation page. Enter your PIN, point to Rent, and press Select. You will also have the option to Rent or Cancel at this time.

To share the selection with other TVs in your system, check the Share box, other wise the rental will only be on the set you’re watching.

Program Controls
Slide down the cover at the bottom of the remote to reveal the program function controls (Pause, Stop, Forward, Reverse, etc.). Pushing the CBL or VCR button at the top of the remote will enable these controls.

On Demand Categories Menu:
All - Displays titles from all movie categories in alphabetical orderJust In - Lists titles recently added
New Releases - Lists newly released titles
Movies By Category - Displays movie categories menu (All, Action, Comedy, Drama, etc.)
Free On Demand - Displays menu of content available for no charge (All, Karaoke, Kids Unlimited, Music Unlimited, etc.)
Movies On Demand - Displays menu of movie categories (All, By Category, EuroCinema, Free Extras, etc.)
Events On Demand - Displays menu of event programming (All, Mature Events, Ring Sports, Specials, etc.)
Adult - Displays menu of adult programming choices.
By Category - Displays menu (All, All Movies)


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